I Am Really Liking Zoya Nail Polish

The February 2014 ispy Bag is the third time I received a Zoya nail polish. I knew about Zoya nail polish from my numerous trips to ULTA. I would usually gravitate towards China Glaze or OPI. Zoya is now on my radar.

I was watching TV in my room and decided to break out the nail dotting tools.  This is what I did.

ImageWith flash

ImageWithout flash

Image(L-R) Julie, Odette, Neve

Julie – May 2013 ipsy Bag

Odette – February 2014 ipsy Bag

Neve – October 2013 ipsy Bag

3 responses to “I Am Really Liking Zoya Nail Polish

  1. that’s pretty! yaa Ipsy made me fall in love with Zoya! they have a great formula and nice colors

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