Church Builders Heating the Shelter Fundraising Event and Online Expo

Church builders of Gaffney SC is a non-denominational group that takes in people who are down on their luck, struggling with addiction and helps them know a better path through faith and conviction, by providing Shelter, discipleship, education, and employment. They have currently obtained a new building and are trying to establish all of the code requirements to allow those they assist to move in. They have a huge need here and are willing and able to serve. They function on donations only so please do join our event support our cause all vendors are donating proceeds as well, so everything helps.

Today Church Builders is having a BLOW OUT SALE JUST IN TIME for Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss it with your favorite vendors and products: Jewelry, Households, Beauty and Health Care products. It is a great day online!

The first link provided below is the Facebook page for the Church Builders of Gaffney. The second link is the Facebook event for the online fundraising and expo.


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