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Something Else to Add to My Shea Butter

Essential Oil.jpg

I purchased the Calily Essential Oil Starter Pack on Groupon. It amazes me what I can find on that website. I previously purchased the NOW Essential Oil three pack. Brands give you what they feel are the most popular essential oils in the starter packs.

Essential Oil2.jpg

Essential Oil3.jpg

I have a lot of shea butter to use this Winter. Now I can make my own scented shea butter. I am really happy with this purchase. Not bad for under $20

Essential Oil6.jpgLavender, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus

Essential Oil7.jpgPeppermint, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree

A Little Something to Add to My Shea Butter

I had a $10 off Groupon I needed to use before it expired. I bought this fragrance set from Now Essential Oils. Just a little something to add to my shea butter. That reminds me. I need to buy more shea butter. LOL!

Essential Oils

Jasmine Fragrance  Jasmine Fragrance

Lavender Oil Lavender Essential Oil

Vanilla  Vanilla in Jojoba Oil