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Yankee Candle Purchase

Yankee Candle is having their semi-annual clearance sale. YAYYYY!!!! I noticed some of the Samplers® Votive Candles were 75% off. The regular price of the votive candles is $1.99. The clearance sale brought the price down to fifty cents each. I normally don’t splurge on Yankee Candles unless there is a sale.

These are the candles I ordered from the Yankee Candle Website.


  • 6-Honey Blossom
  • 4-Lavendar Vanilla



  • 6-White Gardenia
  • 2-Fluffy Towels
  • 2-Rose


This is my Yankee Candle store purchase

Image9-Honey Blossom

Image4-Island Spa

Image2-Napa Valley Sun

Image1-Fluffy Towels

This should last me for a while. 🙂