Kmart Haul: Ardell Lash Sale Again


It seems the only time I buy false eyelashes is when they are on sale at Kmart. Once again the Ardell False Eyelashes were on sale for $2.69 each. I stocked up on a few more.

If I wanted to wear false eyelashes everyday it would be the Ardell #110.  These lashes are still my favorite. I get that natural full look with them.


I also purchased the Ardell #109 just to add more variety to my false eyelashes collection. I can still achieve that natural full look with these lashes.



I also noticed some hair accessories on clearance. I have really enjoyed wearing my natural hair thanks to finding cute accessories like these.


3 responses to “Kmart Haul: Ardell Lash Sale Again

  1. I have yet to try out false lashes!! Those accessories are cute, I can’t seem to find stuff like that at the KMart in my area!

    • You can always try the Ardell #305 Accent lashes. 🙂 I live in Pittsburgh, PA and shop at the West View Kmart. I have seen the selections vary amount other discount retailers. It does depend on the neighborhood.

      • Thank you for the suggestion :). A lot of my friends have worn lashes and their lashes are now falling out or aren’t growing back. I think it’s from their application and how they take them off. Yes, my friend has an amazing KMart where she lives. I will have to go and check it out again. I check in every few months to see if it has gotten better 🙂

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