Daily Archives: May 23, 2014

Getting Back on the Fitness Wagon

Once again I’m getting back on the fitness wagon. I usually drop off a little in my fitness routine during the Winter months. I’m just not motivated during that time of the year. I made a promise to take better care of myself. I am making it a point to carve out more time to exercise. It has always been easier for me to exercise once the weather warms up.

I am easing my way into things by participating in the 30 Day Squat Challenge. Here is the link http://www.fitsugar.com/30-Day-Squat-Challenge-30806625

One of my Facebook friends suggested a group of use should to this challenge. So far so good. 😉 It is always nice to have a positive group of people around you during your fitness journey.

I also purchased two pairs of running shoes from Famous Footwear.

ImageAdidas Duramo running shoe

ImageSaucony Grid Cohesion 6 running shoe

As always consult with your doctor before you start any fitness program.

ImageWish me luck!

Ardell and Andrea Lash Purchase from ULTA


On my recent visit to ULTA I noticed there was a sale on Ardell and Andrea false eyelashes. The twin packs of false eyelashes were $3.99 each. The single pack of lashes was $2.99 each.

ImageUntil recently my favorite accent lashes were the Ardell #305. My new favorite accent lashes are now the Ardell #315.

ImageI decided to try the Andrea #53 false eyelashes. What I like about these lashes is the fact they look natural.

ImageI also purchased a twin pack of the Ardell #120 false eyelashes in an effort to step out of my comfort zone.

I didn’t forget to use my 20% off coupon either. 😉 Total purchase before sales tax $16.75.