NYX Butter Lipstick Purchase from ULTA

Last week I had a 20% off coupon from ULTA I really wanted to use. On December 24th I was aimlessly walking around ULTA trying to find something to buy. Whatever I wanted in the prestige cosmetics section was already sold out. I decided to see what was available from NYX. I am already a fan of this brand. The quality is great and very affordable.

I ended up buying the NYX Bombshell Butter Lipstick set. There was only one left too!

NYX Butter

NYX Butter 2

NYX Butter3

NYX Butter4

NYX Butter5Licorice, Pops, Big Cherry

NYX Butter Swatch Licorice, Pops, Big Cherry

NYX Butter Licorice  Licorice

NYX Butter Pops  Pops

NYX Butter Big Cherry  Big Cherry

6 responses to “NYX Butter Lipstick Purchase from ULTA

  1. The Licorice looks so great on you!!

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