Nature’s Shea Butter Purchase from HauteLook

My skin is really enjoying the benefits of using shea butter. As long as I use shea butter, my skin doesn’t get ashy. I previously purchased the Nature’s Shea Butter Sample pack from HauteLook. I shared this with my daughters.


I ordered another sample pack when Nature’s Shea Butter was on HauteLook again.



This time around I received two of the West African Shea Butter. That works for me. 😀


ImageComparison of the East African and West African Beige Shea Butter


ImageThe Cocoa-Shea Butter is my favorite.


ImageHere is the rest of the sample pack.


3 responses to “Nature’s Shea Butter Purchase from HauteLook

  1. ooooo! I’d love to try those!

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