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Nature’s Shea Butter Purchase (Gearing up for Fall)


Nature’s Shea Butter had a sale earlier this month when everything was 30% off.

Nature2                        I’ve used the one ounce size of the Nilotica Shea Butter. This sale gave me the chance to purchase the six ounce size of the East African shea butter.

I am a fan of the handmade soaps from Nature’s Shea Butter. Some shower gels are far too drying on my skin. The handmade soaps are gentle and cleanse quite nicely.

Nature Sandalwood           Handmade Vanilla Sandalwood Bar Soap

Nature4                Almond Meal Exfoliating Bar

Nature Sample                    Ocean Mist (another generous soap sample) 🙂

Nature’s Shea Butter Purchase from HauteLook (Beauty Items I Needed)

I have been patiently waiting for a good bit of the Summer for Nature’s Shea Butter to appear on HauteLook again. This time around I stuck to beauty items I actually needed. My package arrived just in time for the start of Fall. I was also out of the White Tea & Shea Anti-Aging Facial Cream.

HauteLook Nature

HauteLook Nature2                       The White Tea & Shea Anti-Aging Cream is a great moisturizer. My youngest daughter also uses this. Maybe I should have bought two.

HauteLook Nature3                                                                                     I make it a point to use the 100% All Natural Organic Argan Oil at night. I will also use the argan oil under my moisturizer when the weather gets cold. I feel like I have an extra layer of protection for my skin.

I do plan on placing another order the next time Nature’s Shea Butter is on HauteLook. 🙂

Natural Products Purchase from Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents                                                  Coastal Scents recently had a sale on all of their natural products. I was really low on shea butter and black soap. These two items have been my trusted beauty must haves.

Coastal Scents 3                                                                            The Liquid Black Soap has always intrigued me. It’s worth a try.

Coastal Scents 2

  • Moisturizing Black Soap with Cocoa Butter
  • Moisturizing Black Soap with Shea Butter – Unscented

Coastal Scents 4                         I’ve already used the regular black soap from Coastal Scents. I will be trying these out in my skincare routine.

Coastal Scents 5

Coastal Scents 6                            I don’t like the way my skin feels when I used regular lotion. This was definitely a much needed purchase. 🙂

Winter Survival Kit Part Two: Coastal Scents Purchase

Winter Survival Again

Winter Survival Again2

Coastal Scents recently had an after Christmas sale. Everything on their website was 40% off. I purchased a few things to add to my Winter survival kit.

Winter Survival Again3I really love the Coastal Scents Unrefined Shea Butter. It keeps the Winter dry skin away.

Winter Survival Again4

Winter Survival Again5I wanted to continue to use black soap to keep my complexion clear. I decided to try the Black Soap with Shea Butter. I wanted a facial soap that would clean and moisturize my skin without drying it out.

Winter Survival Again6Many of the essential oils I wanted were already sold out when I was placing my order. I decided to try the basil essential oil. I plan on adding a few drops of it to the castor oil I’m already using.

Winter Survival Again SampleNo Coastal Scents order is complete without a sample product to try. 🙂

Nature’s Shea Butter Purchase

Nature’s Shea Butter had a sale offering 30% off any purchase on their website. I don’t need any shea butter at the moment. LOL! I did order a couple of bars of soap though.



When I previously ordered from the Nature’s Shea Butter website, I received two samples of their soap. One of the soap samples was the Handmade Orange Hibiscus Bar Soap. I tried the sample and loved it!


I also purchased a bar of the Handmade African Black Soap with Shea Butter.


This is another sample of their All Natural Soap I received.


I find myself gravitating towards more natural beauty products. My skin is seeing positive results.


Shea Terra Organics Purchase from Birchbox

Birchbox recently gave me a coupon code for 25% off any purchase from their Website. The coupon code was to celebrate me receiving my 25th Birchcbox.


I came across the Shea Terra Organics Whipped Shea Butter Ultimate Moisturizing Body Crème. There were several scents to choose from. I chose the White Chocolate scent and it smells absolutely delicious.


If I wasn’t addicted to shea butter before, I am now! LOL!


Here is the link to the Shea Terra Organics Website

Nature’s Shea Butter Purchase from HauteLook

My skin is really enjoying the benefits of using shea butter. As long as I use shea butter, my skin doesn’t get ashy. I previously purchased the Nature’s Shea Butter Sample pack from HauteLook. I shared this with my daughters.


I ordered another sample pack when Nature’s Shea Butter was on HauteLook again.



This time around I received two of the West African Shea Butter. That works for me. 😀


ImageComparison of the East African and West African Beige Shea Butter


ImageThe Cocoa-Shea Butter is my favorite.


ImageHere is the rest of the sample pack.