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Natural Products Purchase from Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents                                                  Coastal Scents recently had a sale on all of their natural products. I was really low on shea butter and black soap. These two items have been my trusted beauty must haves.

Coastal Scents 3                                                                            The Liquid Black Soap has always intrigued me. It’s worth a try.

Coastal Scents 2

  • Moisturizing Black Soap with Cocoa Butter
  • Moisturizing Black Soap with Shea Butter – Unscented

Coastal Scents 4                         I’ve already used the regular black soap from Coastal Scents. I will be trying these out in my skincare routine.

Coastal Scents 5

Coastal Scents 6                            I don’t like the way my skin feels when I used regular lotion. This was definitely a much needed purchase. 🙂

Crown Brush Purchase from HauteLook (my original obsession)

Hautelook Crown

It has been a while since I last made a Crown Brush purchase from HauteLook. I remember placing orders every time Crown Brush was on HauteLook (BTW Crown Brush is on HauteLook this weekend). What caught my attention this time around was the HauteLook Exclusive 10-Piece Syntho Brush Set for $5.00. I did manage to get a few other things too. LOL!

Hautelook Crown2

I was definitely was in need of a mixing tray.

I’ve owned a few of the angle liner/spoolie brushes in the past. These brushes have gone missing from my room for some strange reason. Hmmm

A few of my concealer brushes have gone missing as well. I guess that is what happens when you have daughters.

Hautelook Crown3

Hautelook Crown4

I am very pleased with this purchase. It looks like I’m going to have to make room for future Crown Brush purchases from HauteLook. 😉

Hautelook Crown5

Walgreen’s BOGO Sale on Shea Moisture

I took advantage of the buy one get one free sale Walgreen’s had on Shea Moisture products.

This is what I purchased.

Walgreens Purchase

  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow & Restore Treatment Masque
  • Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
  • Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Walgreens Purchase2  I stuck with the Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner. I didn’t feel the need to try a different shampoo and conditioner at this time.

Walgreens Purchase3  I started using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner during the Winter. It’s been a great addition to my haircare routine.

Walgreens Purchase4

Walgreens Purchase5  I’ve had my eyes on the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Growth & Restore Treatment Masque for quite some time. I’m glad Walgreen’s had this in stock.

Walgreens Purchase6

ULTA Purchase: Featuring NYX Cosmetics and ULTA Beauty

ULTA had a sale on their Automatic Eye Liners for one dollar each. You don’t have to tell me twice to take advantage of this deal.

ULTA Purchase

Here are the eyeliners I purchased:

ULTA Eyeliner

ULTA Eyeliner2

  • Black Plum – deep purple matte
  • Cobalt – navy blue matte
  • Teal Blue – teal blue metallic shimmer
  • Capri – blue with metallic shimmer and silver glitter

ULTA Eyeliner Swatch  (top to bottom) Capri, Teal Blue, Cobalt, Black Plum

The Teal Blue, Capri, and Cobalt looked similar when I swatched them on my hand. It could be the lighting though.

NYX Eyebrow Gel

I also purchased the NYX Eyebrow Gel in Espresso.

NYX Eyebrow Gel2

NYX Eyebrow Gel Swatch

This gel is really pigmented. A little goes a long way. The price of the NYX Eyebrow Gel is $6.99

I also had a $3.50 ULTA coupon to use and $3.00 worth of rewards points. The total price of this purchase came to $4.80 (price including the 7% sales tax).

The Body Shop Haul

I had a Groupon I needed to use before it expired. The Groupon was $30 for in-store merchandise at the Body Shop. I will admit I was a little overwhelmed when I entered the Ross Park Mall store. The Body Shop was having a sale. I had no idea what to purchase with my Groupon. Lucky for me Christopher, the sales associate gave me some suggestions.


ImageShea Shower, Scrub & Moisture Set $10.50

  • Shea Shower Cream
  • Shea Body Butter
  • Shea Sugar Body Scrub
  • Shower Puff


ImageBath Soap 4 for $10.00

  • Shea
  • Olive
  • Coconut
  • Brazil Nut

ImageColourglide ™ Lip Colour $5.00 each

  • Beechnut
  • Soft Heather

Charming Charlie Purchase: Scarves

Charming Charlie was having a sale (buy three get one free). This sale applied to everything in the store including clearance items.

This is what I bought.






I can add flair to so many looks with these scarves. I spent only $14.97. 🙂

Victoria’s Secret Mini Fragrance Haul

I’m usually strolling through Victoria’s Secret around this time of year. I know there’s a Holiday clearance sale going on.


I have a tendency to gravitate towards the fragrances on clearance because that is something I can easily afford.

ImageMidnight Exotics Forbidden Vanilla Fragrance Mist and Forbidden Vanilla Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

ImageMidnight Exotics Deep Berry Fragrance Mist and Deep Berry Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

The fragrance mist and body cream were $1.99 each. Smelling pretty doesn’t have to be expensive. 😉

Charming Charlie Haul

I discovered a new store during the Holiday shopping season. The store is called Charming Charlie. This store carries clothing and accessories. It was the sign in the window advertising a clearance sale that caught my interest. I was greeted by a sales associate who walked me over to a display that had purses on clearance. The purses were already marked down and the sale included 50% off of that price.

This is what I purchased.





The total came to $18.00 before the sales tax of 7% was applied. Not bad. 😉

Kmart Haul: Ardell Lash Sale Again


It seems the only time I buy false eyelashes is when they are on sale at Kmart. Once again the Ardell False Eyelashes were on sale for $2.69 each. I stocked up on a few more.

If I wanted to wear false eyelashes everyday it would be the Ardell #110.  These lashes are still my favorite. I get that natural full look with them.


I also purchased the Ardell #109 just to add more variety to my false eyelashes collection. I can still achieve that natural full look with these lashes.



I also noticed some hair accessories on clearance. I have really enjoyed wearing my natural hair thanks to finding cute accessories like these.